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Our History

The Story of Choquequirao Expeditions

Founded in 2019 by Juvenal Duran Quispe, known affectionately as Juve, Choquequirao Expeditions is a testament to the passion for exploring the uncharted and the beautiful. Juve’s expertise and deep love for Peru’s natural wonders led him to establish Choquequirao Expeditions, a company dedicated to showcasing the lesser-known yet equally mesmerizing parts of Peru.

Emerging from Juve’s vision to offer more than the conventional tour experience, Choquequirao Expeditions specializes in bringing the hidden treasures of Peru to the forefront. Named after the majestic Choquequirao, an ancient Inca city often regarded as the sister city of Machu Picchu, our company embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery.

At Choquequirao Expeditions, our focus is on creating journeys that are not just trips but transformative experiences. We delve into the heart of Peru’s rich heritage, guiding our guests through landscapes that speak volumes of history and culture. Our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to provide an authentic connection with the land and its people, offering a deeper, more intimate exploration of Peru.

Our team, handpicked for their expertise and shared passion, is integral to the Choquequirao Expeditions experience. Each guide, porter, and staff member brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of Peru with the world. Juve’s leadership ensures that the values of respect, integrity, and fairness are deeply ingrained in our company culture.

As we move forward, Choquequirao Expeditions continues to innovate and inspire, constantly seeking new ways to enrich our guests’ experiences. Our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism remains at the heart of our operations, as we strive to leave a positive impact on both the environment and the local communities.

Join us at Choquequirao Expeditions for an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, where every journey is an opportunity to discover the soul of Peru.

Why Choose Us

At Choquequirao Expeditions, your journey transcends the ordinary. We offer not just tours, but gateways to the heart of Peru’s untamed beauty and ancient mysteries. Our team, deeply rooted in local traditions and knowledge, delivers an authentic, enriching travel experience. By choosing us, you align with a company that is fervently committed to ethical labor practices, environmental stewardship, and the crafting of bespoke adventures that intimately connect you with the soul of Peruvian culture.


Our Mission and Values

Choquequirao Expeditions is driven by a mission to reveal the hidden splendors of Peru through eco-conscious and ethical tourism. We hold dear the values of integrity, community enrichment, and environmental conservation. In every excursion, our goal is to uphold these principles, ensuring our journeys positively influence both the natural wonders we explore and the local communities we engage with. We endeavor to leave behind a legacy of care and respect for the landscapes and cultures that make Peru so captivating.

Meet the Team

At Choquequirao Expeditions, our skilled team is the cornerstone of every journey. Expert guides, culinary artisans, and tireless porters come together to create truly memorable experiences.

Juvenal Duran

Operations Manager

Javier Aranzabal

Official Tour Leader

rene conde

Rene Conde

Official Tour Leader

Gilbert Fernandez

Official Tour Leader

Teodoro Quispe

Official Tour Leader

Ronal Leon

Official Tour Leader

Sunika Choque

Official Tour Leader

Manuel Curasco

Official Tour Leader

daniela ortiz

Daniela Ortiz

Official Tour Leader

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